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Our Vision

Our Vision



    • To bring the Gospel of Salvation, Healing, and Deliverance to the saved/unsaved and the souls that are lost, bound and oppressed by the enemy through mass Evangelism, one Community at a time. 





    • To lift up and exalt the name of Jesus Christ, by providing a Biblically-Centered, Love based Environment, providing ministries that promote spiritual growth, through the Power of Worship, Praise and Life-Changing Teaching of the Word. 





    • To Spiritually Empower/Minister to the need of every Married/Unmarried Family, and Individuals under the idea of “No Souls Left Behind”, through Effective Cell Groups and Family based care Ministries. 



“Family Ministry”-Authentic Community


    • We purpose to be a fortress of hope and service to the lost, rejected, poor and hurting, with an emphasis on their personal and spiritual dignity, ministering to the complete man. 




"A Tithing Ministry" 

    • Financially, we endeavor to be a ‘Fully Committed Tithe Paying Ministry’.



“Global Ministry”


    • We will be a Global ministry, as we spread the good news of Jesus Christ Locally and Globally, through Missions and mass evangelism.

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