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Empowering Our Youths

Empowering Our Youths

For the past three years, Empowered to Win Ministry has been working tirelessly and diligently to address the struggles that directly face our communities specifically focusing our efforts to the youth and familial affairs with the help of our passionate team and local dedicated volunteers.


Ages 18-25 years old will be provided with direct:

- Mentorship

- Life skills

- Leadership & Empowerment These focal areas for this group will allow for our targeted adolescent groups be introduced, understand, and take part in healthy resolutions to situations that may arise in their day-to-day adulthood.

Program: Community Outreach:

Empower to Win Ministry Canada understands the importance of community. The importance of community is expressed through our partnership and engagements with Salvation Army Youth Shelter (providing empowering workshops for youth while in shelter and after leaving the shelter) and families within the community. Our team has been overwhelmed for the past year with calls for food and financial help. 


Our team has encountered many single mothers who do not know where to turn and has given up to depression making it harder for children to focus on their studies. We understanding it is impossible to help everyone, but we are willing to do our best in reaching those who reaches out to us for help. 


Our aim is to not only help single mothers but to reach the community where help is needed.

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